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More Alpha

Another Friday, another alpha release. This is a House-keeping build required for the upcoming single feeds: Unread and Bookmarks.

What’s new

  • Image settings now take effect. If the source does not provide alternate image sizes, the default url is used (which could be a big image).
  • Removing feeds
  • Searching for an article has been optimised to run smoothly on older devices. 
  • When feeds are loaded on app launch, it’ll load the full batch, and then onwards, only load new changes. This largely improves caching and networking performance. 
  • The API has also been updated to not return responses if the local cache matches the server response.
  • Tweet rendering (only works if Tweets were embedded and not quoted)
  • Feed listings now update when you move to the next or previous article using the accessibility view. This also enables endless scroll on iPads (maybe even on iPhones, but I haven’t tested it)
  • Image views and Gallery views have been reimplemented to be faster for rendering, more performant and use less memory. 
  • Improved text rendering for the article title & author in the article view. It should now scale gracefully with dynamic type. 
  • The above change has also been made in the Feed view for individual cells.

Bug Fixes

  • All layout rendering issues in the Article renderer have been resolved. This includes stupid Xcode warnings and the like. 
    A) Quotes sometimes render with extra height. This is a known issue.
    B) Formatted code blocks don’t scroll horizontally in the same line. This is a known issue.
  • Opening links externally is now partially implemented. This may still crash in some situations. 
  • Sharing an article now adds a “space” between the title and URL. This will be in place until Apple resolves the bug and restores the correct behaviour.

I hope you enjoy reading over the weekend. Have a good one. ✌🏼