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The simple RSS Reader. This blog publishes release notes, engineering and design details.

Alpha – Week 3

Build 40 just went to all Alpha testers. Here’s the changelog. 

New & Improved

  • Unread feed. All your unread articles in one place. 
  • Articles will now show unread states
  • Changed article lists layout to accommodate better for accessibility preferences. 
  • Improved handling for accessibility content size preferences
  • Improved RTL rendering of text


  • List rendering in some cases where a single item had multiple components in it. 
  • Images & Galleries no longer overflow bounds of iPhone screens.

What you won’t see 

I’ve added preliminary support for the Subscriber part of the WebSub1 protocol to the backend. This vastly improves how I fetch new articles. Currently, it’s only enabled for this blog. New publishers, you add to the service, which advertise their hubs will be automatically added. For all existing publishers, I’ll manually check and verify.


  • I talk more about this and the upcoming near real-time capabilities of Yeti here