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Alpha – Week 5

I suppose I underestimated myself when I wrote this.

What’s New

  1. Authors: Supported publishers have been enhanced with author support. This is currently limited to http://macstories.net and http://sixcolors.com. If you’d like to see support added for your favourite publisher, get in touch. You can now view all posts by a single author and tap on the ⦿ to view information about that author. Author bios in the article interface has been scrapped. 
  2. Push Notifications: Push notifications based on WebSub are finally here. At the moment, only this blog supports Push notifications. As more and more publishers begin supporting WebSub, this list will expand, and automatically. Just find the bell icon in the Feed Interface. If it isn’t there, the publisher most likely doesn’t support WebSub at the moment and therefore, push notifications won’t be available. 
  3. Filters: Maybe it’s Game of Thrones release time and you’d like to completely avoid all spoilers. You can setup keywords under Settings > Filters and these will apply throughout Yeti. Once you add new filters or remove existing ones, don’t forget to refresh your feeds. 

Fixes & Improvements

  • Improved accessibility labels for the “Mark all read” button making it more descriptive. 
  • Fixed rendering of <aside> tags from certain publishers.
  • Some articles wouldn’t display embedded images. This has been fixed. 
  • Improved quote rendering on iPads. 
  • Fixed a rare crash that would occur on the iPad Pros (2017) when marking an article as unread. 
  • Improved sync speed for bookmarks. 

Also, major news: this is the penultimate alpha build of Yeti. After the next build, I’ll be starting work on the Beta feature set (which is small, but contains a larger locale set for testing on my end). Once the alpha run is over, I’ll be freezing the spec on my end for the server side parser. 

This is going to enable me to enable publishers to add new meta tags to their article pages to customise rendering aspects inside Yeti. This is the major component of the beta run. Which means, there will be fewer beta builds, once every 15 days or so. 

Until then, enjoy the alpha. Have fun reading!