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Alpha – The finale

The final epoch has been rung. 

What’s New

  • Folders support
  • Added GIF and webP support
  • Improves lists rendering
  • Blockquotes are now rendered more scemantically 
  • Added support for citations
  • Added support for mark elements to highlight text in paragraphs and blockqotes


  • Fixes footlinks jumping to the wrong section
  • Fixes a crash when an article has a lot of content. Like, over 10000 words! 
  • Attributions page is now fully functional. 
  • Fixed search for Feeds
  • Fixed search for articles

The final alpha build is out. I look forward to hearing from you lot on the new improvements. As I now slowly work towards polishing the app up and work on the macOS app, I look forward to your criticism, feature requests and love/hate emails. Have a fun weekend, and enjoy reading.