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Overwhelming Unread Articles

Colin Devroe writing on his blog,

When people subscribe to more than just a few sites it quickly can be overwhelming to people that don’t like to wake up to “inboxes” with 300 unread count. People just abandon those. It is why Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. all use algorithms to select which content people should see when they open the app.

He also goes on to give his personal preference of having all articles listed in reverse chronological order. So do I. But do you wish Elytra surfaced things a little differently?

We should likely stop talking about RSS. We need to simply start calling RSS “Subscribing”. “Subscribe to my blog” is the only thing we need to say.

Yes, this change needs to happen. Lets make it happen.

Mean while, I’ll be in my corner finishing v1.2 of Elytra.