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A Year in Review and the Future

With 2021 wrapped, we end another pandemic laden year, and I hope it has been a gentle one for you. Here’s what happened for Elytra in 2021: 

  • Exactly a year ago, I made some pricing calibrations for the Indian AppStore and some other regions to keep the original prices for Elytra’s subscription plans. 
  • Soon after, we got the 2020 Winter update which brought local sync, and support for local notifications. It also brought a feed settings user interface to toggle per feed settings like Notifications, Automatic Reader Mode and more.
  • Later in May, Elytra’s 2021 Summer update went live which brought in numerous updates and improvements to the app. It was one of the largest updates ever in terms of changes of lines of code. 
  • Along with the 2021 Summer release, the Notarized Builds were also made available enabling you to download Elytra directly from me.
  • And in the last quarter, Elytra v2.4 and v2.5 were released alongside the iOS 15 and macOS 12 releases respectively. 

The Future on iOS and macOS

Overall, 2021 was much busier for Elytra than 2020 was. A lot of improvements, updates and new features. And if you’ve been a customer of Elytra for a while, you know that never stops. 

The 2022 Q1 release is just around the corner. I’m polishing up the release now, and thanks to my beta testers, this has been very quick. The Q1 release is mostly going to focus on performance & stability, and moving to a new storage engine. More on that once the actual release becomes available. 

You don’t have to wait though, if you’re interested in a TestFlight build, jump right in.

The API Updates

The API has seen numerous updates and bug fixes in the last couple of months. Most notable ones include:

  • Articles with no summaries are now pre-filled with a summary extracted from the main content when available. 
  • Sync now no longer relies on an outdated token system, and without it is much more faster. 
  • Improved Push Notifications delivery 

That’s all for now, have a happy and gentle new year, and keep reading. Cheers.