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Elytra October 2022 Release

The October release of Elytra focuses on bringing new features and improving performance & reliability of the app. It also brings supports for the newly released iPads.

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Smart Folders

Elytra's Smart Folder Editor on macOS and iPhone 14 Pro Introducing Smart Folders

  • Create smart folders using a combination of title keywords and folders
  • Automatically curated and ready to go when you need them
  • Notifications when new unread articles are available in smart folders


  • Massively optimised rendering of the Articles list for consistent 120fps scrolling (on supported devices)
  • Spotlight indexing now always runs in the background when your device is connected to power and has a reachable internet connection.


  • Fixed bugs crashing the app in background
  • Fixed deleting folders
  • Fixed crash when renaming a feed
  • Fixed hang on reset app