Alpha – Week 5

I suppose I underestimated myself when I wrote this. What’s New Authors: Supported publishers have been enhanced with author support. This is currently limited to and If you’d like to see support added for your favourite publisher, get in touch. You can now view all posts by a single author and tap on […]

Alpha – Week 3

Build 40 just went to all Alpha testers. Here’s the changelog.  New & Improved Unread feed. All your unread articles in one place.  Articles will now show unread states Changed article lists layout to accommodate better for accessibility preferences.  Improved handling for accessibility content size preferences Improved RTL rendering of text Fixed List rendering in […]

More Alpha

Another Friday, another alpha release. This is a House-keeping build required for the upcoming single feeds: Unread and Bookmarks. What’s new Image settings now take effect. If the source does not provide alternate image sizes, the default url is used (which could be a big image). Removing feeds Searching for an article has been optimised to […]