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1.0.2 is now Available

Elytra 1.0.2 is now generally available on the App Store. You can read the full change-log on the App Store (I wont repeat it here) but there are a few changes which I’ll be talking about in this post. 

New On-Boarding

When I was Beta testing the app, Craig Hockenberry gave me critical feedback that prompting users for an In-App Purchase when on-boarding them was a bad idea with Auto-Renewable Subscriptions. I agreed with him and changed this later. This was bad because the onus was on you to cancel your subscription in time if you did not like the app. 

With this release however, Auto Renewing Subscriptions are no longer available until I resolve this issue with the App Store Review team. The App now implements non-renewing Subscriptions and offers a single Free Trial period of 14 days. 

Since I was implementing this change, I decided to rework the On-Boarding UI as well. Here’s how it looks now:

New Onboarding - Launch Screen New Onboarding - Private Account New Onboarding - Free Trial Unlock

I’d like to hear your thoughts on this.

Improved Voice Over Support

I continue to improve Voice Over Support throughout the app and this build corrects a few issues when reading paragraphs, especially if you rotate your device or when paragraphs are drawn as you scroll.

What’s Next

Getting this build out took much longer than I expected. I hit the wall several times with App Store Review but I’m glad all of that is finally over. I can now continue to focus on actually implementing new features and improving the app.

So, I have 1.0.3 in the pipeline already with a couple of more fixes to the actual reading experience before I begin work on 1.1.0. So if you’ve been waiting for a Test Flight Beta Invite from me, you can expect that soon now.

If you love the app and would like to be on the Test Flight Beta, just ping me in the comments on the website or ping me on Twitter or Micro.blog.

As always, I’d love to hear from you and to everyone who has a purchased a subscription: Thank you for supporting my work.