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New Servers and Scheduled Downtime (October)

New Servers

I’ve just finished work on a new set of servers in the Singapore region. These servers will now handle traffic for all of your requests from the South East Asia region. You should experience lower latencies, faster load times and over all improved speediness in the app. 

Users in the European and American regions are currently unaffected by this change. 

Scheduled Downtime

There will be a scheduled downtime of the Elytra Service starting 28 October at 09:00PM IST (28 October, 3:30PM UTC) up to 29 October, 02:00 AM IST (28 October, 8:30 PM UTC).

During this time, I’ll be upgrading some of the servers in the US-East region for improved efficiency, reduced costs and higher throughput overall. The service will remain unavailable during that time to the users in the American and European regions. Service will continue as expected for users in the South East Asian region. 

Due to the change in the pricing for the servers, the benefits will be passed on to you. I’ll share more details on this later. 

I’ll appreciate your patience during this scheduled downtime. You can find the discussion on this post on Reddit.