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RSS Revival

Emily Waite writing for Wired.com

The difference between getting news from an RSS reader and getting it from Facebook or Twitter or Nuzzel or Apple News is a bit like the difference between a Vegas buffet and an a la carte menu. In either case, you decide what you actually want to consume. But the buffet gives you a whole world of options you otherwise might never have seen.

That’s an excellent analogy.


RSS readers obviously have their own shortcomings as well. The firehose approach can easily overwhelm, especially when multiple outlets all publish the same news at the same time.

So introducing filters in Yeti was definitely a good idea.

And some more…

The readers all have settings to help cope with these issues to varying degrees, where possible; it’s just a matter of how many hours you want to spend shaping your RSS bonsai.

And thus Yeti’s approach to get you started with the basics, yet empower you with power tools. 

I believe I’m doing the right thing here. Given how much attention this post has garnered over the last couple of hours, I think the timing is just right for Yeti. I guess I’ll just have to go right into the 6th gear and ramp up production.